‘Quays’: Now funding!


Dear followers/visitors/friends,

The London publisher Unbound is now seeking backers for my new novel, Quays. It’s a Manhattan-set Jazz Age drama of love, death, madness, literature, booze, politics and sex – what’s not to like? I’m really proud of this novel; if you enjoy my stories, PLEASE think about making a pledge.

Head over to:


… where you can find out more about Quays, pledge your support, and choose from a range of bookish rewards. With Unbound, you get to play a real part in turning a manuscript into a published book – so much more fun than just turning up at a bookstore and picking a copy off the shelf.

For updates, links and conversation, you can find me on Twitter at @RSmythFreelance.

Thanks a million for your support!





6 thoughts on “‘Quays’: Now funding!

  1. Awesome idea to crowdfund. Gave me some thoughts on graphic novels. Wish you well on the novel!

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